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We do More than Just Processing Paychecks

  We are an employee leasing payroll service company operating in Alaska as a PEO - Professional Employer Organization - licensed by the State of Alaska.

In addition to payroll services to our clients, we ...

  • provide workers' compensation for your employees
  • manage workers' compensation claims
  • provide access to a full range of benefits for your employees
  • give you access to an experienced HR department
  • offer online payroll - enabling you to generate a multitude of management reports

  We provide a variety of management options to match your business needs and management preference. We can be your complete human resources solution, under the PEO model or you may choose other options under the ASO model. For more information link to PEO vs ASO and the Comparison.

   At Payroll USA, it's not all about processing paychecks. We give you access to industry experts in areas of Worker's Compensation, Risk Management, Human Resource, Legal and Tax Compliance and Employee Benefits Administration, such as Health Insurance and Retirement Plans.


Do You Need a Workmen's Compensation Policy?

As an employee leasing company (PEO) Payroll USA can assume most of your worker's compensation classification code(s) for your payroll under our master policy. Due to economies of scale, our insurance rates are usually lower.

Do you need a worker's compensation certificate in a hurry?

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Select your city (page below) for our payroll services as an employee leasing company PEO in your area. Select the right column for City Summary.

Anchorage, AK - Employee Leasing AK Anchorage, Alaska
Cantwell, AK - Employee Leasing AK Cantwell, Alaska
Cooper Landing, AK - Employee Leasing AK Cooper Landing, Alaska
Copper Center, AK - Employee Leasing AK Copper Center, Alaska
Denali National Park, AK - Employee Leasing AK Denali National Park, Alaska
Denali Park, AK - Employee Leasing AK Denali Park, Alaska
Denali State Park, AK - Employee Leasing AK Denali State Park, Alaska
Eagle River, AK - Employee Leasing AK Eagle River, Alaska
Fairbanks, AK - Employee Leasing AK Fairbanks, Alaska
Girdwood, AK - Employee Leasing AK Girdwood, Alaska
Haines, AK - Employee Leasing AK Haines, Alaska
Homer, AK - Employee Leasing AK Homer, Alaska
Juneau, AK - Employee Leasing AK Juneau, Alaska
Kenai, AK - Employee Leasing AK Kenai, Alaska
Ketchikan, AK - Employee Leasing AK Ketchikan, Alaska
Kodiak, AK - Employee Leasing AK Kodiak, Alaska
Palmer, AK - Employee Leasing AK Palmer, Alaska
Seward, AK - Employee Leasing AK Seward, Alaska
Sitka, AK - Employee Leasing AK Sitka, Alaska
Soldotna, AK - Employee Leasing AK Soldotna, Alaska
Trapper Creek, AK - Employee Leasing AK Trapper Creek, Alaska
Valdez, AK - Employee Leasing AK Valdez, Alaska
Wasilla, AK - Employee Leasing AK Wasilla, Alaska


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