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Payroll USA can provide work comp coverage at a "competitive rate" for your business.

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To get more information about Workers' Compensation Coverage insurance

laws see the following resources.

Both the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) (http://www.iaiabc.org/) and the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) (http://www.pciaa.net/sitehome.nsf/main) maintain detailed lists of workers' compensation agencies.


ARKANSAS – Workers’ Compensation


State of Arkansas http://www.state.ar.us/


Department of Labor - http://www.arkansas.gov/labor/

Arkansas Department of Labor

10421 West Markham

Little Rock, Arkansas 72205


(501) 682-4500 Phone

(501) 682-4535 Fax

asklabor@arkansas.gov E-mail

Director of Labor


James L. Salkeld

(501) 682-4500 Phone


Workers' Compensation Commissionhttp://www.awcc.state.ar.us/

Workers’ Compensation Commission

Workers’ Compensation Commission

Physical Address

Mailing Address

324 Spring Street

Post Office Box 950

Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950

Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950



1-800-622-4472 Toll Free


1-800-285-1131 T.D.D.


(501) 682-3930 Phone


(501) 682-2777 Fax


1-800-250-2511 Legal Advisor Direct


Chief Administrative Law Judge

David Greenbaum

(501) 682-3567 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


dgreenbaum@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail





Dorothy Jackson

(501) 682-2532 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


djackson@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Health and Safety)

Patricia Burge

(501) 682-2063 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


pburge@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Chief Legal Counsel

Jennifer Love

(501) 682-2773 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


jlove@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Special Funds)

Judy Jolley

(501) 682-5262 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


jjolley@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Support Services)

Candi Russell

(501) 682-2642 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


crussell@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Administrative)

Leah Campbell

(501) 682-2737 Phone

Little Rock, Arkansas


lcampbell@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Self-Insured)

Mike Baker

(501) 682-1789 Fax

Little Rock, Arkansas


mbaker@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail




Administrator (Compliance)

Carl Bayne

cbayne@awcc.state.ar.us E-mail

Little Rock, Arkansas




For documents of interest involving Workers’ Compensation,

visit http://www.awcc.state.ar.us/forms.html.